The Clean Coder Chapters 5 & 6

Test Driven Development [TDD] Hammock-Driven Development [HDD] Practice Martial Arts of Coding Open source work Programming ethics Many topics including the above are explored in Chapter five and six. Test Driven Development we all know and maybe don’t love. Or in my situation, having little experience with it. I would like to be able to ... Read More

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 Sprint 6

Our semester is finally coming to a close. We have picked up three more issues. AA-680- Can’t add child to parent relationship This issue required a database entry to be added. The current entry is a Parent to Child relation ship. We need a record entered to represent a Child to Parent Relationship  APTS-254 – Viral load ... Read More

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 Sprint 5

It turns out we all were wrong in both what the issue was and the solution.Dan the man has completed this issue with a simple observable to wait for the requests responce to log the user out. The main issue that we noticed after this was fixed is that if you logout and get rerouted ... Read More

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 Sprint 4

Since Spring break was last week I did not focus much time into experimenting with the NGModel. I hope to continue more tutorials to try and apply the NGModel to our issue. Tyler and Dan have reason to believe that we are looking at this issue all wrong. We have many theories yet no real ... Read More

Week 7: Wednesday, 8 March 2017 Sprint 3

We have finally reviewed and selected our Issue. NGPOC-185, this issue essentially is that we want the user to be able to log out but if they are editing a form then they must be prompted to exit without saving the form data or to stay at the page and continue their work. We are not ... Read More

Week 6: 23rd February – 30th February

This week we have finally connected with our Project admin Johnathan Dick. We are now added to the Ampath Jira software, it is great to be exposed to these issue tracking and continuous integration tools such as Travis CI. We need to connect to the test server they have set up so we can have ... Read More

Week 5: 15th February – 22nd February

This week has been slower than last week. I have rewritten the authorization module, yet I feel as though I am copying and pasting their code. It is a simple module that really has the imported Open MRS Auth. Module to do the heavy lifting and take care of the passing of credentials. This leaves ... Read More

Week 4: 7th February – 14th February

This week was more exciting since we began to work with Open MRS AMPath. Building the project was like any other node application. In the terminal, I navagted to the root app folder and used “npm install”, and “npm server”. This started the ng2amrs test local server and was easy to log into. It seems ... Read More

Week 3: 31 January – 6 February 2017

This week was a slow week out of the semester since we were finishing our tour of heroes. We have learned a lot about routing, two way binding and the nifty features angular provides. It is sad to note that Angluar does not have a built in sorting algorithm since it added complexity and making ... Read More

The Clean Coder Chapters 7 & 8

Definition of “Done”, Acceptance Testing are both built off of communication. This is key when trying to convey your programming needs to a developer or vice versa. The definition of Done in my opinion and in what the author presented us is a moral of “Done” means many things to many people and it is ... Read More