The Clean Coder Chapters 7 & 8

Definition of “Done”, Acceptance Testing are both built off of communication. This is key when trying to convey your programming needs to a developer or vice versa. The definition of Done in my opinion and in what the author presented us is a moral of “Done” means many things to many people and it is ... Read More

Week 2: 24 January – 30 January 2017

Throughout this week we had much to learn and only a couple cards in our Trello board. Create an OpenMRS ID Easy Post introduction in Welcome thread Install WebStorm IDE and Atom Easy, atom for now I like the experience better. Much more customized Angular Tour of Heroes Tutorial All but the Angular tour of ... Read More

The Clean Coder Chapters 3&4

The importance of saying yes is something that many take for granted. This is the general theme of chapter 3. The reason Robert Martin of The Clean Coder, uses this chapter to talk about saying yes is to compliment and explain in a professional context the act of agreeing to take on work etc. I think ... Read More

Welcome back to more required blogs!!

Welcome back to my mediocre last minute blogs! I will be doing a couple things with these blogs moving forward.  Creating informational tutorials or explainations of tools I am currently learning/using. Explaining my current work in my Software Dev. Capstone course work. I hope to make these easy to follow, and add more flare than ... Read More

Learning new skills and when to move on.

Week 12 For my final blog I want to talk about a skill that I have learned is needed, when to give up. When having a deadline you must not only try and implement new interesting technologies, yet also provide a fluid user experience that is inline with the software requirements. While working on a ... Read More

Penetration Testing VS Vulnerability Scanning

Week 11 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning are two sides of vital testing that should be preformed on all production applications. But what are they? and what are their differences? Lets start by defining each. Penetration Testing is the act of brute forcing, and using common and known hacking techniques to exploit weaknesses of an ... Read More

Backend Testing

Week 10 Backend testing sounds like a scary word. To be able to take out the intimidation from this idea we need to break it down into its components that usually make up a backend: Database(s) API’s Servers Honestly that all! Now that we broke it down into terms that we have heard before it ... Read More

Developers think differently than Testers??

Week 9 I have been enjoying the Software Testing Help Blog. The writer has a way with keeping me interested while making me think in a few different ways. When I saw this post I couldn’t help but read it. Sushma goes on to many points and explains both sides of the coin for Developers vs Tester. ... Read More

When to take a break.

Week 8 Coding as we all know can have its challenges, yet sometimes you just get stuck and frustrated with seemingly no solution. Then you decide you need a walk or coffee break and you come back solve your problem almost immediately. Trust me it has happened to me more than I can count. Taking ... Read More